More Things to Make from Old Bottles

Do you have a small toilet in your van and find commercially available toilet brush holders are too big and they fall over or rattle around when on the move?  Then look at this simple and cheap solution.

Materials required

1)  Pot cleaning brush such as the ASDA Sp Dish Brush shown below price 25p.

2)  A plastic bottle with a rectangular cross section approx 3 x 2.25 and at least 10 inches high without any significant taper which would prevent it sliding out of its retaining strap.  E.g. a 750ml Bath soak or shampoo Bottle. Look for a bottle with nice stiff and glossy plastic so it will hold its shape and be easy to clean and look good.

3)  13 inches of ½ to ¾ inch wide webbing .  (An unwanted carry strap that came with a camera case from Poundland I am sure you too can find something for nothing)


Cut off the top the bottle with a diagonal cut of as shown, and retain the base discarding the top

(Tip using scissors pierce a hole in the bottle above where you want the final cut to be. Once the hole has been made insert one blade of the scissors and roughly cut the bottle about ½ inch above line of final cut. Then using masking tape mark out position of the final cut and  trim to the masking tape which should then be removed)

Find a suitable place to keep your brush in the toilet against a wall.  

Cut a length of webbing sufficient to go round the bottle and overlap for the length of the short side.

Keep the webbing tightly wrapped round the bottle, and use an adhesive such as clear Bostick to stick the overlapping length of webbing to the underlying webbing. (Apply the adhesive to the full length of the overlap but don’t let any get onto the bottle.)

When the adhesive has dried, slide the loop down off the base of the bottle, checking that the bottle can be removed from the loop.  

Refit the bottle in the loop with the double thickness at the narrow back side i.e. the tall side,

Slide the loop approximately two thirds of the way up the bottle, apply adhesive to the outside of the double thickness section of the webbing and stick it to the wall in you chosen position. Hold in position till the adhesive has set.

Now you have a convenient brush holder in which to keep the dish washing brush which is just the right size for cleaning the Elsan. Not only is the holder secure and neat but it is easily removed for cleaning by sliding it up out of the loop.

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