Who Needs Electricity - the East Kent Experience

A lot of caravan owners are missing out on not attending rallies because they would not be on mains electricity and are worried about the caravan battery not lasting.

I have attended many rallies over the past 14 years and with a family of four, I can assure you the battery will last for the duration of a weekend (at least).

A few tips

- Always leave home with a fully charged battery.

- Modern caravans will accept a 110 Ah battery in the battery compartment.

- For extended rallies, marshals usually have access to battery charging facilities (best to check first)

- Many members use a solar panel that gives a useful battery charge during daylight hours.

- Take care with the use of the following items.

o The halogen (filament) lights fitted to modern caravans that take far more current than the fluorescent lights that were standard until a few years ago. Only use those lights that are necessary and get into the habit of switching off unnecessary lights. You can change these to LED lights at minimum cost (Check Ebay - £2.50 each)

o The blower fan fitted to the heater (Not required – leave the loo door open for a few minutes and it soon warms up)

o A colour television - only have it on when you are watching it (Usually so much going on you will not use it on a rally anyway)

Hopefully this will encourage members who have yet to try a rally to give your local club a try. If you are ever in Kent, come and find us.

Kev Bailey – Secretary of the Caravan Club East Kent Centre


To join Kev on the next East Kent rally, visit their website http://www.eastkentcentre.co.uk/ and have fun.

Last updated on 15/11/2012 1:48pm by Kev Bailey
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