Constantly Clean BBQ

Did you know that you can now protect your BBQ and save the hassle of scrubbing it every use?

In Morrisons supermarkets they sell a teflon sheet which is advertised for use in an oven.  However, it works wonders on the Cadac type griddle pan BBQ.  Just place over the surface of the pan, and cook food in the normal way.  Bacon, sausage, steaks and other meat cook without oil, and only a very little is needed for eggs.

When you have finished - simply take the teflon sheet off the BBQ and wash it with the dishes.  Dry and use again.  The sheets come packed in twos, but we started using one sheet in July last year, and its still going strong.

In an emergency baking parchment will do the same job - just throw it away after one use.

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