Soak it in Coke!

Coca Cola is a real help for cleaning almost anything in an emergency, even baked on food and rusted nuts.  Just soak the item in original Coca Cola, not the diet or any other variety. 

Rusted on nuts can be removed from bolts, simply by placing them into a plastic container and covering in Coke.

Check progress from time to time.  Rinse in water and dry before using the item again.

Coke will also disolve burned on food from pans and dishes.  Just put the Coke into the pan and leave it for an hour or two.  Results are frighteningly effective - certainly no need to scrub again.

I suggest this is an emergency remedy on a rally field, not something you would choose to do regularly.  It is, however very effective.  Try it on a dirty two pence piece and see how it shines after a couple of minutes.  Makes you wonder what happens when you drink Coke!!!

Coke will also clean your jewellery in an emergency - but don't leave rings or ear-rings in the Coke for more than a minute as it may loosen the stones, and don't make habit of cleaning this way, or you will damage your treasured jewellery.

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