Another tidy solution

Hi, here’s something for your tips page if you think it’s worth it – part recycling, part space saving

Ask at your local milk-shake or ice-cream shop for their empty containers.  Ours gives us lovely 4 litre plastic ice cream boxes with lids, (our local council can’t recycle them and it’s a shame that they go in landfill).  Very useful for onboard storage, we keep dog food, charcoal, herbs & spices etc in them.  At home they’re handy for Lego, bird seed, baking ingredients, ….. If you want smaller tubs, sandwich shops are usually happy to save margarine tubs for you.  
Hope it works in your area too.

You can also use ice-cream containers and even margarine tubs, they may be smaller but are just as useful and save the problem of disposing of plastic in a landfill.

Last updated on 15/11/2012 1:54pm by Bridget
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