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Don't Trust the Sat Nav

Posted by Sharon Eason on 2 October 2012 | 0 Comments

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We've just come back from a holiday in North Yorkshire, just outside Whitby.  I had heard horror stories in the past about the roads in this area, particularly that there is "a road somewhere outside York going up to the coast that is unsuitable for caravans".

So, first of all - find out where that particular road is.  It is called Sutton Bank and is found on the A170 just outside Thirsk, and thankfully not on any sensible route towards Whitby from the Midlands.

Next - check the maps for any other nasties that might be about to jump out and bite the innocent caravan towing lady driver.  Grumble number one - why do maps give so little information these days?  Even our Truckers' Road Atlas only shows low bridges and steep hills, nothing about widths or weight restrictions.  Why?

We decided that, due to the Truckers' map actually showing a steep hill on the A169, we would stick to the longer A64/A171 which appeared not to have any major problems and are marked in green as primary routes.

As we always do, we set the destination on the Sat Nav and set off on our way.  The woman is a complete idiot.  Firstly she calculates arrival time based on driving like a lunatic, not at a maximum legal speed of 60mph on motorways, 50 on the A roads and so on.

RC2 (pet name for our Sat Nav) agreed with my planning and sent us along the major roads to the outskirts of York.  So far, so good.  She then had a bit of a brainstorm and kept trying to send us off into the centre of the city.  We defied her and stayed on the ring road (A64).  RC2 was not going to be outdone, and tried to insist we turned off the lovely dual carriageway onto the A169 through Pickering and up across the North York Moors.  We refused, point blank and stuck rigidly to the A64, arriving safely at our chosen site perhaps a few minutes later than RC2 had calculated.

Once on site, we waited for our friends to arrive.  When they did, their first comment was "what an awful journey.  Never thought we would survive the hills."  It transpired that their Sat Nav also thought the A169 would be fun and had sent them across the moors on a road that was not entirely suitable for towing - one downhill gradient is 20%.

So here is grumble number 2.  Why can't the Sat Nav manufacturers provide more options for route planning?  Why can't we tell the thing that we are towing and therefore need to avoid narrow roads, excessively steep gradients and, of course, very low bridges? 

For the time being we can only learn to read maps, keep an up to date road atlas to hand and double check the route.  Never blindly rely on the Sat Nav - they have a nasty sense of revenge.


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Emergency Planning

Posted by on 31 July 2012 | 2 Comments

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We have just returned from the Derbyshire Centre's 3000th rally and 50 year anniversary weekend.  First and foremost, I have to thank the Committee for a really enjoyable weekend with something for everyone.  I must also commend them for their planning for emergencies during the rally, which, sadly were brought into action. On Saturday afternoon, a rallier suffered a serious medical emergency.  The contingency planning went swiftly into action with a team headed by a retired paramedic giving CPR.  Chairs were put around the victim and the first aid team to shield them.  The compere for the afternoon's events asked everyone to move back, which request was immediately obeyed, and the crowd...

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