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Simply Delicious

Posted by Sharon Eason on 25 February 2013 | 0 Comments

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Keep it Simple, Local and Delicious

It has been a strange week, with food continuing to hit the headlines - mostly for all the wrong reasons.  The horsemeat saga rumbles on, but perhaps just as worrying was a news item on food in hospitals in Wales.  This followed on from the contamination of processed food provided to schools and hospitals across the country, and pointed out that although sheep graze on the hillsides around the hospital, only lamb from New Zealand is served there.  Where is the logic in creating a journey measured in thousands of miles, when you could measure literally in metres!  Think of the saving in transportation costs, and the improvement in flavour - it has to be more healthy surely, and people in hospital need healthy food if they are to make a good recovery.

How wonderfully refreshing it was, then, to watch chef Andrew Dickens at the Spring Caravan and Camping Show.  At long, long last we had a chef who actually understands the issues of cooking on a camp site - whether in a caravan or tent!!  Not only was his panini easy to make in those restricted kitchens, he also explained the value of using fresh local ingredients and how to cook on just one griddle plate.  He was passionate in his love of local ingredients and support for local butchers.  The chicken was locally sourced, cooked in rapeseed oil (a UK product) and served with salad in locally purchased bread.  This simple lunch had everyone drooling, and it was all cooked in front of us from scratch without the help of an army of sous-chefs or 'Blue Peter' ingredients which magically appear in so many demonstration kitchens.  We went away inspired and if anyone needed convincing of the value of eating fresh food, then Andrew did a wonderful job.

Hot on the heels of the NEC came the Wakefield Food, Drink and Rhubarb event.  Finally, we have recognition of forced rhubarb produced only in a triangle in Yorkshire.  It now has the status of Champagne, and a second to none taste.  The event was full of local produce with a rhubarb theme, ranging from the obvious jams and pies through liqueurs to sausages.  The cookery demonstrations had some great ideas on using rhubarb at home.  I could not resist buying a few sticks and making a simple crumble for pudding on Sunday.  There is something about the simple recipes that brings out the best in the rhubarb.

Good food need not be difficult to prepare or cook, just start out with fresh local ingredients.


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Thank you Leeds

Posted by on 29 May 2012 | 0 Comments

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Wow - what a wonderful weekend Leeds Loves Food proved to be.  Wall to wall sunshine, and food from all corners of the world to sample and enjoy.  The smells of paella, tacos, venison burgers mingled and wafted across the square - delicious. We met so many people who share our passion for fresh local food, simply cooked to maintain its special flavour and high quality.  Thank you everyone who suggested places to shop for good quality food - all over the UK.  We had recommendations from as far afield as Bristol and Northumbria, with plenty from West Yorkshire.  Its going to take me another few days to get all of...

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Chester Food and Drink Festival

Posted by on 30 March 2012 | 0 Comments

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What are you doing for Easter?  We are off to Chester Racecourse to take part in the Chester Food and Drink Festival opening on Saturday, 5 April and running through to Easter Monday. CamperFest runs alongside the festival and they are organising a cooking competition on Sunday at Midday.  I don't have the rules for the competition, but we do have plenty of recipes that will work inside the very small kitchens provided in the campervans.  Just look for these symbols next to the recipes.  In sequence the top symbol indicates that the recipe is suitable for cooking on the BBQ, the middle one usually needs two rings, but could include a...

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Food and Drink Expo - NEC Birmingham

Posted by on 28 March 2012 | 0 Comments

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What a fantastic show!!  For the last three days we have been explaining the purpose of to the food and drink trade.  The response has been over-whelming.  Our picture already features on, as their editor on site thought it so important that their members know about our work to give the small business a loud voice. So if you are passionate about good food, sourced locally and prepared specially for you, sign up for our monthly newsletter, and make sure your local farmshop and high street retailers know all about our website.  We cannot do this alone - we need everyone to shout about the difference in taste and quality...

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Ready for the first exhibition of the season

Posted by Food show on 21 March 2012 | 0 Comments


The Food and Drink Expo at the NEC draws ever closer - scarily closer if I am honest.  Just today and tomorrow in the office before it is time to pack the bits and pieces and drive down the M42 to the NEC. It will be the official launch of our Where to Stop, Shop and Dine section, so we hope to meet plenty of business owners who agree with our campaign to keep the high street alive.  See If you run a food shop, restaurant, farm shop or catering business, anyone who has a food outlet on a campsite, why not come along on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. ...

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