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Pup Tents

Posted by Sharon Eason on 9 February 2012 | 0 Comments

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Today's thoughts start from an incident many years ago when my own son's pup tent was run over. Thankfully he was not in the tent.  It was pitched correctly alongside the caravan in place of the awning, so the car driver was not obeying the rally rules and weaving between the lines.  We never did find the culprit.

My concern is preventing similar incidents, or, potentially, a fatal accident.  After the incident, the Leicestershire Centre Chairman at the time recommended that all pup tents be surrounded by a windbreak.  That works because a car would hit the windbreak first.  The members still follow the recommendation.

Recently, when attending various shows and events, and visiting other clubs, I have seen pup tents pitched in the 'road' behind their parents' caravan.  Not a good idea at all, especially at large events.

Should we start a simple campaign for children's safety?  Keep them close to the side of the caravan.  Hem them in with a windbreak.  Use hi-vis guy ropes and why not suggest they decorate the windbreak or outline the tent with a few solar lights at ground level.

Full marks to the camping and caravanning club who teach their children all about tents and camping, and allow them to join a special area - when they have passed the formal training sessions.

Kids are very special - let's all look after them properly.

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