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Food Allergy/Intolerance

Posted by Sharon Eason on 13 November 2012 | 0 Comments

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Just what is healthy eating?

I lost yesterday to a flare-up of ezcema, so this morning I started doing some surfing, not so much as new research, more as a means of reminding myself what I should and should not eat, and taking a look to see if there is any new thinking out there. I stumbled across this website from the Wexner Medical Centre which has linked an increase in skin rashes to an attempt to "eat healthily".  It struck a chord with me as I have been trying over the past few years to introduce a wider range of vegetables to my own diet, and guess what - it seems that I have hit my personal limit yet again.

Dr Zirwas of Ohio State University has shown that over the past five years, in the USA, there has been a steady increase in the number of people with skin rashes, many of whom have had the rash for some time, and a correlation with those people changing their diet to include more vegetables.  In doing so, they are actually eating more nickel.  Unfortunately, the problem is cumulative and everyone will have a different tolerance level before their immune system starts to react.  He calculates that around 15% of the population of the USA are affected by an allergy to nickel in food.

Children are the most sensible of all of us.  If they don't like a food, they will refuse to eat it.  Their dislike can be their systems recognising a potential poison which could in time reach a level in their system which will cause a reaction.  It is high time we listened to our children and stopped forcing vegetables and fruit on them, when clearly these foodstuffs are not the healthy option that we have been lead to believe. Christmas can be hell for kids who are presented with a brussel sprout next to their turkey.

I am not suggesting that everyone should cut out all vegetables from their diet - that would be plain stupid, but I do ask people to question exactly what they are putting into their bodies, and please, please do not tell me or anyone else who suffers a similar allergy that we are doing harm to ourselves by avoiding that which causes us pain!!  Our immune systems are reacting adversely and we are simply preventing the reaction by eliminating the allergen.  A guide to the foods containing nickel can be found here.

Interestingly, the only cases of people being allergic to meat are where the individual has been bitten by a specific type of tick.  Click here for more information.

Perhaps it is high time that we gave more thought to what constitutes a healthy diet, and bring back fresh, unprocessed, unadulterated meat as a high priority food and first class protein that it has always been.

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Can the Can

Posted by Sharon Eason on 8 November 2012 | 0 Comments

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Did you watch Junior Masterchef last night (7 November 2012)?  Young Georgie deserved her win - but why, oh why was she allowed to use such an enormous *TIN CAN* of processed whatever it was in her meal?

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Genetics - or food faddies

Posted by on 3 May 2012 | 0 Comments

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The Daily Telegraph suggests that people who 'don't like the smell of meat' may be genetically programmed that way.  Fine, wonderful, but they should not be allowed to insist that everyone should become vegetarian, or imply that a vegetarian diet is in some way superior for the health of the nation. Personally, I am allergic to nickel.  Nickel is found in a huge range of vegetables, and so if I and many other people with a similar problem were to eat those foods, the result is an extremely unpleasant and persistent eczema.  How healthy is that? Why do we never see any articles about the negative effects of a vegan diet, or...

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Coeliac Awareness Week - 14 - 20 May

Posted by on 17 April 2012 | 0 Comments

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Did you know that one in every hundred people has coeliac disease?  It is a condition which affects the immune system and has no cure, but is managed by diet.  Details of the disease and its management can be found on It strikes me that feeding yourself or your family with a gluten free diet should not be too difficult.  Choose recipes which are not based on bread, cakes, pastry or pasta and you really do not have a problem in knowing what is safe to eat.  Check out our recipe section and you will find plenty of really filling meals using fresh local produce which do not contain gluten. I...

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Food Allergies

Posted by on 3 April 2012 | 0 Comments

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Maybe its because it is April, but I fear that many people are making light of a real problem that affects more of the population than you may care to realise. In yesterday's Daily Telegraph they published 'gluten free recipes' as if making a risotto with rice was a new idea, or that rice ever did contain gluten in the first place.  It is starch that washes off rice when cooked - not gluten.  The theme continued using normal everyday ingredients - so why the issue? Everyone with any form of food allergy knows how to avoid those foods that give them the problem.  Like millions of others, I am allergic...

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