Floods and How You Can Help

Posted by Sharon Eason on 13 February 2014 | 0 Comments

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We must all be aware of the devastation faced by so many people in our own country in the past few weeks - or should that read months?

It often seems that we are totally helpless and have to wait for the authorities to 'do something'.  In reality, we can all 'do something' and that something is really very easy.  We must support those people whose livelihoods have been affected and show them that we really do believe in shopping locally.  Here is a simple idea.

It will stop raining.  The caravan sites, camp sites, holiday parks will be open for business as usual very soon.  So, book your UK break now.  Your deposit will help cashflow as repairs are carried out, and your booking will show your care and support in a very practical and positive way.  Try somewhere new - just search where to stop for ideas.  Why not book one week each at two sites rather than two weeks at one site?  We need our UK sites and they will only survive if we support them practically by staying with them.  Following on Twitter or friending on Facebook does not put cash into the tills.  How many weekend breaks can you manage this year?  The sun will shine and we will all want to be out and about again.

Right across the UK, particularly the counties in the West, South West, Wales and North West acres of agricultural land lie under feet of water.  No-one really knows just how long it will take until those fields are drained and able to support a crop, whether to feed us or to feed the animals.  We need to let the owners of farmshops and local small food producers that we still want their products, just as soon as they are available again.  Keep an eye on your local papers and let us know via the website or twitter when your favourite is back up and running.  We will retweet and make sure as many people as possible know and can go and buy from them again.

More than ever we must support our local farmers.  If you can do so in any way, lobby your MP and make sure he or she is aware of just how important our agricultural land is.  We need fresh local food and will only be able to ensure that our children also enjoy the benefits if we look after the farmers now.  Listen to the people who tend the land - they know how to look after the rivers by dredging and controlling the flow of water.  Repeat their calls and make sure their voice is heard at the highest level.  Sandbagging is not a serious long term solution. 

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