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Shopping Bags

Posted by Sharon Eason on 22 January 2014 | 2 Comments

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Don't Lift - Push or Pull Your Shopping

I've just come back from a holiday in Spain where everyone seemed to be popping in and out of small shops in every village and town we visited.  People seemed to enjoy shopping and were doing a main shop by going from one outlet to the next.  Then it struck me.  They were not trying to cope with plastic bags from each and every shop, cutting into their fingers and stopping the blood supply.  Young and old alike were using what can only be described as shopping bags on wheels - or shopping trolleys.

There seemed to be something of a fashion statement in the choice of shopping trolley - which by the way I saw used on the high street and in supermarkets alike - with bright colours and a variety of styles on offer.  Most seemed to have a special compartment labelled 'frozen food' and some had an ingenious system of three wheels on one axel which enabled the trolleys to climb steps.  In general they were a large leather-look, weatherproof bag on a supporting trolley which could then be pulled or pushed.  The 'bag' was bigger than the 'big green bag' provided at many of our supermarkets, but think about that size of bag on its side. Think golf trolley but with a more practical, rectanguar shape of bag. Once at home, the bag can be removed for unpacking and the trolley folded away until next needed.

I have seen a few similar items used in the UK, but they seem to be designed to assist older people to walk, with the load carrying as a secondary consideration, not pretty and definitely not easy to store.  The British version seems to be a deep, fixed, rectangular metal cage with a bag inside it. Somehow they remind me of a mini version of the stillages used in lorries.

Just think how much more enjoyable a trip to our own high street would be if we knew that we would not have to carry the weight of our shopping.  We could do our main shop on the high street with ease, simply pushing (or pulling) our own shopping trolley from the car park, along the path and into the shops.  Consider the 'rules' for manual handling, particularly lifting and carrying weights and the shopping trolley has to be a winner. 

Surely there must be an enterprising importer out there who would be willing to look at the wide range of 'shopping trolleys' in use in Spain and select a few to trial in Britain - or what about a factory willing to design something specifically for the younger British shopper.  I've a few bright ideas if you've got the ability to prototype and manufacture.


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