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Don't Waste Food

Posted by Sharon Eason on 22 October 2013 | 0 Comments

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Tesco have done it again - but at least this time they are being honest.  How do you feel about the waste of food that they admitted?  If they admit to such vast tonnages of waste, just how much goes to waste if we add in similar figures for the other big supermarkets?  Then, of course, there is the food we waste ourselves.  What can we do about the problem?

For starters the supermarkets must call a halt to the BOGOF offers, especially on fresh food.  It stands to reason that we are not suddenly going to be able to actually eat twice as much as normal, even if that food is not regarded as 'fattening'.  However there is a much simpler solution which will give many benefits to us all.  Simply go to your local market or greengrocer and buy just as much salad and fresh vegetables as you can actually eat.  How simple is that?

OK so what about those hidden benefits.  Well, first of all there is the food itself.  As it comes from local producers the food is genuinely fresh, not treated in vats of what is essentially swimming pool water! As the food has not been through any industrial processes, it will be free of additives and chemicals, though you may find you need to wash a little mud off the potatoes and carrots. Secondly, there is a saving in the amount of fossil fuel used to transport the food.  That sounds obvious, but just look at the labels on the bags of salad in the supermarket and see how far they have travelled; often from countries who could use the food themselves.

So by buying from your local shop or farm shop you not only improve the quality of your own food, but potentially provide food for those less fortunate in developing countries.  You reduce the adverse effect on the evnironment of excessive air, road and rail freight and the best part of all is that you will save money. There will be less waste in your refrigerator as you are not buying two or three times more food than you can eat.  You will also be helping to keep the high streets alive and buzzing, simply by buying your favourite fresh foods.  It goes without saying that the same applies whether you are buying fruit, vegetables, meat or fish.  Think about it and Shop Local.

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Nutrition Advice

Posted by Sian Davies on 17 October 2013 | 0 Comments

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Healthy eating while camping: why it's important and where to get advice Guest post by Nutritionist Resource For many campers, when it comes to food - convenience is king. Whether you're set up in a camper van complete with all the mod cons, or you're getting by with a tent and an open fire, the urge to stock up on pre-packaged convenience food is understandable.   For some, this means packing pot noodles in every flavour, packets of sugary biscuits and a sizeable stash of crisps and dip. While we agree, this does sound pretty tasty - eating these types of foods throughout your trip will make you feel lethargic, bloated and potentially...

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