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Television and Caravans

Posted by Sharon Eason on 17 September 2012 | 2 Comments

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Setting up the caravan in a howling gale on Friday afternoon, we noticed that the usual rash of satellite dishes was missing.

As we strugggled against the wind just to open and close the caravan door, we realised what the problem was - satellite dishes are just too susceptible to the wind, and far too expensive to let them just blow over, or blow away.

You have to ask why anyone would spend so much money on a television system for the caravan anyway.  OK, the evenings have been chilly so no sitting outside - the chairs would have blown away into the trees, its been so windy - and the TV does keep you mind off the rocking in the wind.  But caravans built from about 2005/2006 onwards have a digital aerial already.  So that's the signal sorted.  Details on

As far as a receiver is concerned, you need your 12V TV and a freeview box.  We did make the really silly mistake a couple of years ago in Devon.  We bought a freeview box from a discount shop for the princely sum of £9.99 and used it happily with our existing TV on a commercial site.  It was not until we went off to a rally and tried to run the system again that we realised everything worked on 12v except the freeview box which needed 240V.  Oh well, no-ones perfect.

At the NFOL at Newark in 2011 we treated ourselves to a 19" HD television by Cello which runs on 12 and 240V with built in Freeview and DVD player.  It is so much slimmer than the old set, and even on 12V uses less power.  That's technology for you - moves faster than the average tow-car.

The TV does need to be tuned in every time it is used, and the aerial does need to be pointed in the right direction.  Getting it spot on can take a while - especially if you are in an area with hundreds of digital stations and radio programs for the 'box' to find.  You may have to have several attempts, but if you look at the direction other aerials are pointing (or which way the satellite dishes are looking) you will save time on the fine tuning.

So given that you are not spending all day and all night in the caravan watching television, keep the costs and the weight down by using the aerial fitted to your caravan and an all in one TV similar to ours.

Needless to say, we sat in the warm and cosy, with a glass of wine and watched the Soaps whilst the wind howled around us.  What can be better?

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Perfect Pans - they really are

Posted by Sharon Eason on 12 September 2012 | 0 Comments

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At the Tastes of the World event at Fontwell Park in July, we bought a new pan from a company called Perfect Pans who were also exhibiting in the rain.  Although the event was near to Chichester in West Sussex, Perfect Pans are based in Nottingham.

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Customer Service

Posted by Sharon Eason on 12 September 2012 | 0 Comments

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Its great to be back with a new look website.  I hope you all enjoy the site and can find your favourite content easily.  Let me know.

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