Freezing Friday

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We are going nowhere with the caravan today.  Its a shame because it is Friday and that is the weekend so we should be out and about.  A weekend at home won't hurt us, but if we were so stupid as to take the caravan out on the roads, we could seriously hurt someone else. Caravans are perfectly warm and safe inside in this weather, but they are not designed to be pulled along icy and snow-covered roads.  So, unless you have no option, stay off the roads for a few days until this cold spell ends and we can all safely tow again.

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Pup Tents

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Today's thoughts start from an incident many years ago when my own son's pup tent was run over. Thankfully he was not in the tent.  It was pitched correctly alongside the caravan in place of the awning, so the car driver was not obeying the rally rules and weaving between the lines.  We never did find the culprit. My concern is preventing similar incidents, or, potentially, a fatal accident.  After the incident, the Leicestershire[] Centre Chairman at the time recommended that all pup tents be surrounded by a windbreak.  That works because a car would hit the windbreak first.  The members still follow the recommendation. Recently, when attending various shows and events, and visiting other clubs,...

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Introducing Meals in Fields

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This is an entirely new idea, and something that I am not entirely sure that I will be good at.  I have never kept a diary - well not for more than a couple of days each year when the new ones are delivered, and my work log book is not the most detailed in the world.  Still here we go. Let me introduce[]  The website is just one year old and we have a growing community interested in creating healthy meals in caravans, tents, motorhomes, boats and even student lodgings.  The basic premise is that you need good healthy food even if the preparation area is limited. Try cooking in a boat...

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